Find Out More about Pucelle Audacity and the Perfumer Behind It!

29 Dec 2022

We know that we all love Pucelle Audacity Le Parfum. Yet, this conversation will have us even more enchanted by Pucelle Audacity! We just had the opportunity to meet and have a chit-chat with Alina, the Perfumer of Pucelle Audacity. It was really an exciting experience for us to finally figured out the behind-the-scene process of Pucelle Audacity's fragrance development and what makes Pucelle Audacity so special!

No need to wait any longer, let’s take a look at our mind-expanding conversation with Alina!

Q: “How do you perceive Pucelle Audacity concept into perfume?”

A: “I was very excited to create the perfumes for Pucelle Audacity. The concept behind Audacity is all about women empowerment, with no boundaries, to be bold, be courageous, and authentic to who you are! What I wanted to create was a range that represent the women of today.”

Q: “What makes Pucelle Audacity special from other EDP products?”

A: “Pucelle Audacity truly embodies and represents the spirit of women of today. Perfumes within this range are created for women, by a woman perfumer. Audacity gave me the freedom to create fragrances that represent different sides of women today, whether they are fearless, feminine, or powerful.”

Q: “Can you please tell us about the fragrance characters of each variant of Pucelle Audacity and your recommendation to consumers based on their personality/preference for fragrance?”

A: “I wanted to create perfumes that not only represent their powerful and fearless side but also perfumes that they will love to wear.

For one of the perfumes, I wanted to create something bold and different from typical women's perfumes. I started with an ambery woody accord that is usually found in masculine perfumes. To make a statement that women are now empowered to be in roles that are traditionally for men only. However, I wanted to retain our true nature of bringing warmth and beauty to our surroundings. That’s when I decided to pair the accord with the warming sweetness of addictive strawberry and tangerine for a feminine touch. Voila, presenting you Pucelle Audacity Valorous.

For another perfume in Audacity, I envisioned a chic and feminine character. In every woman, there is that soft spot where we dream of becoming a pretty and sweet princess. Think of the color pink, think of bubbly champagne, think of romantic dates when she is all dressed up. For this, I created Pucelle Audacity Glimmery which has sparkling red fruits on top complemented with a soft floral bouquet to portray her feminine side, white musk embellished with caramel and vanilla sweetness gives her a little edge.

Last but not least, I would like to highlight the importance of self-love and self-care for us women. Women are natural life-givers, nurturers, and caregivers. The idea behind Pucelle Audacity Ascendant is to indulge ourselves to stand up stronger. Ascendant is created to bring comfort. The perfume is built around floral and musky notes, which reminds me of the comfort I felt when I was in my mother’s arms. And, you must agree that a little bit of sugar does put a smile on our faces right? Vanilla, shining through the fragrance empowers her to move forward, stronger.”

Q: “Which one is your favorite of the 3 variants in Pucelle Audacity? Tell us the reason.”

A: “It’s hard to answer which one is my favorite as each of these 3 fragrances tells a special story. But if I really have to choose one, I really like the idea behind and the execution of Valorous. It is a fragrance that bottles the boldness and fearlessness of women today through classic male olfactive notes and feminine sweetness, showcasing the olfactive transition we are seeing in the market today.”

And that’s to wrap up our convo with Alina about the journey behind the making process of all variants of Pucelle Audacity. So, have you decided which one of Pucelle Audacity is your favorite?

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